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Click here to learn about my visit to Uganda in November 2016.  After touring the country I participated in the first African Birding Expo.

Click here for a gallery from a 2016 Costa Rica trip.

Click here to learn about a week-long session based at the Hog Island Audubon Camp beginning Sept. 3, 2017, where I’ll be an instructor.  We’ll visit Monhegan Island (above) for one overnight.

Or you can browse through galleries of past trips organized geographically if you click here.

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Our December 2015 trip to Tanzania is shared in two galleries.  Click here for scenery and wildlife.  For nothing but birds click here; you’ll see the Secretary Bird photo, above, and many others.

Click here for photos from an Amazon Riverboat trip in July 2015.

Check out my visit to Borneo

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We are considering a number of destinations for 2018 and 2019.  If you’d like to help us decide, visit this page and then register your preference.

We’ll be visiting the mountains of central Mexico in February 2018 with New Jersey Audubon, heading to three of the reserves where the migrant monarch butterflies overwinter.  Details coming soon here.