Where would you like to travel with us?


We’re looking at a number of possibilities for 2018 and 2019 trips, and are having trouble making decisions.  Here are some of the destinations under consideration.  We invite you to respond via e-mail and let us know of any trips you’d possibly or definitely like to attend.

Familiar destinations, moderately priced (find galleries from all previous trips here):

Costa Rica -- I’ve been many times and have a great partnership with Costa Rican guides.

Panama -- At the Canopy Camp in the Darien the guides currently know sites for Harpy Eagles!

Panama -- The gorgeous small Tranquilo Bay Lodge is a great spot for a week-long trip.

Honduras -- Pico Bonito Lodge is another terrific place to base for a week-long tour.

Western US -- We’re considering 8 to 10 day trips that visit “off the beaten track” places in the west.

Scotland -- Visit the wonderful Aigas Field Centre and the island of Islay, good for nature and whisky.

Ecuador -- Spectacular birding in a scenic, diverse country -- snowcapped peaks to humid rain forest.

More exotic and expensive destinations, places I’ve been before:

Uganda -- Mammals of the savannas and the mountain forests: gorillas, chimps, elephants, lions, etc., plus great birding.

Botswana -- One of the greatest freshwater wetlands in the world, the Okavango Delta.

Tanzania -- The classic African safari destination, with Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti Plains.

Borneo -- The Malaysian side of Borneo has orangutans and other primates, great birding, and delightful lodges.

Australia -- Very comfortable accommodations, great birding, the reef, strange animals.

More exotic destinations that would be new for me:

Namibia -- Wild and remote wildlife-rich area in SW Africa.

Brazil -- The expansive wetlands of the Pantanal as a highlight, with jaguars and amazing birds.

Papua New Guinea -- Birds-of-paradise and other unique birds, dramatic scenery.

New Zealand -- Dramatic mountain scenery, unique birds, rich and diverse ocean and coastal wildlife.

Or send us other ideas you might have!