Amazon River Cruise, Peru


For the second consecutive year I was privileged to help lead a trip for Smithsonian Journey along the Amazon River and its tributaries in Peru aboard the wonderful vessel La Estrella Amazonica.  My 2014 trip was in March, a season when the river level is very high.  July is a month when the Amazon level has dropped considerably.  Here in Peru, more than 2,000 miles from the ocean, the Amazon is still a huge river, and its depth can vary by as much as 40 feet from the high water season to the low.  All of the habitats around the river take on a very different character during the different seasons (even though the weather remains fairly constant throughout the year).  At any season, this is a wonderful trip, with great wildlife viewing opportunities, terrific cultural experiences, excellent onboard accommodations, and wonderful meals.

Smithsonian Journeys

July 10 - 19, 2015

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